Jillian’s Angelic Dreams (Promo video- July 7, 2019)

Jillian's Angelic Dreams (Time Lapse Video by Moses Williams - July 28, 2019)


“Alan Slatas doesn’t like the word “clean” to describe a person who’s battling addiction. “They’re not dirty if they’re using,” he said in an interview with The Times. “They’re human.”

Alan’s daughter, Jillian Slatas, died from an overdose of heroin laced with fentanyl on Nov. 12, 2017. She was 26 years old. Slatas was halfway to her apartment in Falmouth when he got the call.

The nonprofit is aimed at promoting and raising money for alternative treatment programs on the Cape and Islands. The Slatas are longtime seasonal residents, and while Jillian lived and worked in Falmouth, she considered the Vineyard her ‘soul home’, according to her father.”

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