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The first investment we will make is with Gosnold Treatment Center, where Jillian attended for recovery and also worked at the detox center. After meeting with the CEO Richard Curcuru, and his executive team, we identified three areas where harm reduction can improve their treatment facilities for struggling addicts.



Despite medical monitoring, Medication Assisted Treatment, and counseling support, many patients find the detoxification process to be immensely challenging. It is common for patients to leave detox Against Medical Advice (AMA) or Against Counseling Advice (ACA). Oftentimes, patients will leave detox together, are more likely to immediately resume use, and do so at great risk. Gosnold will pair these high risk patients with a Recovery Coach. The Recovery Coach will help to prevent AMA or ACA activity. When patients do leave AMA or ACA, the Recovery Coach will continue to build rapport for 30 days after discharge to offer guidance, referral, and other harm reduction strategies for 30 days. The aim is to use this period to promote safety and engage the patient back into treatment.



Access to Gosnold’s “Connections” Application (Connections APP) and a specialized Recovery Community within the APP for adults who are in Pre-contemplation or Contemplation stages of change related to their recovery journey. Gosnold will seek to institute a specialized recovery community within the Connections APP that focuses on sustained engagement and harm reduction.



Gosnold will invest in a training program focused on harm reduction to help the recovery coaches understand alternative programs for the people in this program. Recovery Coaches are mature in their own personal recovery and are well-equipped to support individuals in early recovery.



Proceeds from Jillian’s Angelic Dreams Event will support this comprehensive wraparound program that includes personal and technological resources to support adults in early recovery, as well as further Gosnold's capacity to deliver programs and services that reduce harms to persons with substance use disorder.

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